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Will tiktok get banned in US?

Tiktok has more than 800 million users across the globe and is one of the most famous video-sharing apps on play store. Recently the app was banned in India because it was considered to be a national security threat.

It was not only India who have were concerned about the usage of this application but other countries including  Bangladesh and Indonesia also banned it in past. Even countries like the US and UK are concerned because of security issues the app may cause directly or indirectly. The doubt is on the Parent company of Tiktok whose name is Byte dance. Rumours are that Byte dance shares your data which is derived from TikTok and is shared with the Chinese government. Mike Pompeo who is the American secretary of state has recently told the media that Donald trump’s government is pondering on the decision to ban Tiktok in the U.S. Mike Pompeo has stated that the government is very much concerned about the privacy and security of their citizens and they won’t allow any third party to access that information.

Matt Navara is a well known Social media consultant who highlighted some points regarding the ban of TikTok in the UK. He told that it’s not necessary that UK will follow the same steps as the US is thinking on. In the past UK was pressurized by the US not to collaborate with Huawei for establishing the 5G networks but the UK government still continued to work with Huawei.  This showed that the UK government will handle any issues with the Chinese by themselves. In short  Matt, Navara meant that it is very less likely that Tiktok will be banned in Uk.

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