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Will Trump win again? a worldwide curiosity

In presidential elections 2016, it was a very popular opinion that Donald j trump will never win the elections but results were shocking.trump not only beat all the polls that were against him, he also made a clear statement that the people of USA are wise enough to take up a practical approach to make a decision when it comes to elections and when they have to make decision which matters not only for them but also to the generations after them. Donald J Trump was accused of bad behaviour, wealthy and careless lifestyle and he was not thought of as a person who can care for a nation when it comes to providing them with greater facility and better lifestyle. In various surveys, trump performance was appreciated by the Americans because they seem to find better in their life and more security.

Despite the medias negative propaganda against Donald J Trump, and accusing him of using Russian aid to propel his election campaign, Trump managed to come up with solid solutions and reasoning to avoid all the hassles and troublesome and the result was in his favour. But still the America media especially CNN proclaimed that Trump has used illegal means of sources for his election process and campaign

Trump has come up as a man of his words, he purposed that he will eradicate ISIS, which he did, Trump purposed he will bring better health security and it seems like people of America have liked the health facility. By putting bans on some Muslim countries and making immigration rules more hard for non-Americans, have brought a sense of peace and calmness in the society. Most of the policies put out by the trump seem very harsh and immoral but they have worked for America very well. The economical war with china is getting paced on by the USA now. The fact of the matter is, elections are won by taking the nation in confidence and once you are in that stage, its just the matter of keeping up with your legacy.

DOD image. Defense Intelligence Agency DNA laboratory confirms positive identification of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi with a probability of 1 in 104 septillion based upon DNA collected during Baghdadi’s detention in 2004.

The opposition of trump is facing some very serious allegations including some very immoral activities done by Hillary Clinton, the leaked video on the dark web. These all support the fact that Donald J Trump has a good chance to win next USA presidential elections.

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